Johannes Berry

SoSe 23

We are looking forward to next Tuesday, when Johannes Berry is going to hold the 2. lecture and will visit us from Brussels!

Johannes Berry is a South African architect based in Brussels and has been teaching at the KU Leuven since 2015. In 2016 he founded the architectural practice "Sugiberry" with Mayu Takasugi, and in 2018 the magazine Gallery Magazine with Jonathan Robert Maj.
He was the 2019–2020 Douglas A. Garofalo Fellow at the University of Illinois Chicago, and in 2020 started his PhD at the KU Leuven, focusing on building as expression in architecture.

Tuesday 6th June at 19:00, AUDIMAX. Steubenstraße 6, 99423 Weimar.

Poster design: Lynn Rosa Haag & Elsa Babtist