KAAN Architekten

WiSe 22/23

We're glad to close our lectures series this winter semester with the presence of the Dutch architecture office "KAAN Architecten". We would like to warmly welcome the architect & designer Dikkie Scipio, partner at KAAN, as our guest to hold the 8th and last lecture under the topic "Aging in architecture".

KAAN Architecten is a Dutch architectural office with over 30 years of experience in context-specific, timeless designs spanning a broad range of scales and typologies. Founded and led by Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen and Dikkie Scipio from the headquarters in the heart of Rotterdam, the firm has expanded its international presence with offices in São Paulo and Paris. Through a collaborative and analytical design approach, KAAN Architecten promotes Dutch building traditions of sustainability, welfare, pragmatism and quality. By merging practical and academic expertise, they respond to increasingly challenging complexities and contradictions in the built environment.

Dikkie Scipio has been trained in various crafts. She studied applied arts, industrial and interior design at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and afterwards qualified as an architect at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture. She joined KAAN in 1995 and became a partner in 2002. Scipio’s training allows her to lead work, ranging from large-scale master plans in urbanism and architecture to furniture and interior design, from initial concept to execution. She's an expert in complex projects and processes focusing on museums and renovating heritage. She's also a writer, columnist, international lecturer, and member of several boards and juries. Since 2019 she has been a professor at the Münster University of Applied Sciences, where she holds a chair in Architectural Design.

Tuesday 7th February at 19:00, AUDIMAX. Steubenstraße 6, 99423 Weimar.

Poster design: Henry Boebst