WiSe 22/23

Lukas Burkhart and Fabiana Frisullo in the name of TEN.

Mainly in Belgrade and Zurich based, TEN understands itself as an association in the fields of architecture, research and design. The metaphor of a record label describes their work structure best for it allows diverse formats of individuals working separately or together.

TEN’s thematic focus lies in public themes of interest and open research on the built environment. Amongst others, they develop models for affordable living with particular focus on cohabitation. To name one, TEN is building a rural house for five widows in Bosnia which will function as a shared living situation.

Tuesday 17th Januar at 19:00, Oberlichtsaal - main building, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 99423 Weimar.

Poster design: Henry Boebst