Charlotte Malterre-Barthes

SoSe 22

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Charlotte Malterre-Barthes is Assistant Professor of Urban Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design, joining the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne in the fall 2022 as Assistant Professor of Urban and Architectural Design. Architect, urban designer, and scholar, Malterre-Barthes' interests are related to urgent aspects of contemporary urbanization, material extraction and climate emergency, and how struggling communities can gain greater access to resources, better governance, and ecological/social justice -a strategic practice of urban design.

In 2021, she started the initiative 'A Global Moratorium on New Construction' interrogating current protocols of development. Malterre-Barthes holds a PhD from ETH Zurich and is graduated from ENSA-Marseille

Plakat: Josephine Schröder,  Louisa Mielez