Panta Rhei Collaborative

SoSe 21

Horizonte meets PANTA RHEI Collaborative -
A discussion evening.

Collaborative Methodologies through the example of TAC.

Even though hierarchical office structures are still essential features of today's architectural conception, tendencies are currently developing that consciously aim at new kinds of working methodologies. The ideas behind collaboration are not solely focused into the need for output and growth, but instead address a much more complex and rich set of issues that consider equality, support and fairness within the work environment.

A historical precursor of solidarity-based collaboration is represented by The Architects Collaborative (TAC). By exploring and researching socially oriented issues, this community of architects attempted at the beginning, to develop a common basic concept based on the act of collaboration, and an architectural language that would improve community coexistence by addressing social issues.

But what can we learn from TAC's history? The cooperative working methods in relation to the creative period will be presented on May 25, 2021 at 7:00 pm to be followed by a discussion about the future of collaborative practice.

Plakat: Lilot Kammermeier