WiSe 17/18

Matteo Constanzo in the name of 2A+P/A.

2A+P/A is an architectural office established by Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo and based in Rome. The office works on architectural, urban and landscape design with a particular interest in the nature and condition of the contemporary city. It engages in a broad range of activities including public and private buildings, housing complexes, urban spaces, event pavilions, temporary installations and interior design. Designing projects the office investigates other designs, drawing from the rich and complex historical and contemporary heritage. It carries out a non-philological sampling that explores the potential of architectural work, which showed different and possible paths. The design thus becomes an instrument of research intended to investigate reality and at the same time construct alternative destinies, narratives and subjectivities. Architecture can give form and space to knowledge exchanges and collective rituals that escape the productive compulsion of our age.

Matteo Costanzo studied at the “Brooks” University in Oxford. He had collaborated with magazine Domus and wrote several texts and essays for international magazines and books. He taught at IED and at the master In/Arch in Rome, at Naba and Domus Academy in Milan, Syracuse University in London. Actually he is teaching at the Cornell University in Rome and at School of Architecture, University of Miami in Rome.

Plakat: Jakob Tress