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In einem diskursiven Prozess sucht die dreizehnte Ausgabe der HORIZONTE – Zeitschrift für Architekturdiskurs nach Perspektiven innerhalb und außerhalb der gemeinsamen architektonischen Sichtweisen. Sie umfasst Gedanken, Thesen, Projekte und Argumente, die sich mit der Fähigkeit der Architektur, Teil des Definitionsprozesses des COMMON zu sein, auseinandersetzen.

Questions of form, geometry and proportions have always been intrinsic
to architecture.
Nevertheless we consider architecture to be moving from its origin
towards a process that is connected to several other fields of
One main reason for this seems to be the growing interest in the topic
of the Common. Even though it has already been widely discussed we
want to attempt to reconsider it in a new light.
There are two things we are primarily interested in:
Firstly, how to make architecture that takes the Common seriously and
adapts to its logic. We wonder – what is the right process to reach an
architecture that is adequate?
Simultaneously however, we want to question this approach – is it part
of architecture to make Common? Is Architecture even able to produce
The Common is the result of co-existing singularities. Thus, each
entity defines and is defined by its own role within the realm of the
Is Architecture part of this defining process, does it serve as a
background or could it be both at the same time?
In a discursive process which is neither complete nor all-embracing
the thirteenth issue of the HORIZONTE – Journal for Architectural
Discourse is looking for perspectives from within, and outside of,
common architectural view-points; searching for thoughts, theses,
projects and arguments discussing architecture’s actual ability to be
part of the defining process of the Common.

Authors & Artists:

AMID.CER09; Biriukova, Alina; Comeaux, Page; de la Fontaine,Joana; Dieti, Antonia; Dutto, Andrea Alberto; Estudillo Sacoto, Pedro Esteban; Faschingeder, Kristian; Fragenz, Valens; Gräf, Lina; Holst, Sophia; Ingels, Bjarke; Ingold, Tim; Keilig, Nora; Knopf, Paul; Lacaton, Anne; Martin, Juliette; Schröder, Marco; Schwinkendorf, Jana; Sellaoui, Jakob; Stähelin, Lian Liana; Wagner, Leonie; Wenzel, Jasmine Grace


Dieti, Antonia; Gräf, Lina; Keilig, Nora; Schwinkendorf, Jana